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GoBooks Has Amazing Web Development Training for you

Are you planning to build your own website right from the scratch? Do you want to know how to modify the text colors and put some images to your site thru a computer programming code? Do you want to increase your basic knowledge about online website development? Well, it is not as difficult as you think. Taking these few online courses from Udemy can really help you understand how to start developing your site.

Website Development – What is it?

In web development, you will be using a computer programming language to let the computer and the browsers know what you want to display on your site. You can do this thoroughly from top to bottom by just using a code. Aside from that, using a computer programming language enables your site to be viewable and readable on tablets and mobile devices. It can also make your website responsive in changing fonts, embedding videos, putting clickable images, and adding social media button, and more.

There are a lot of essential tools that website developers use to get the job done easier. These tools include WYSIWYG editors, text editors, and some testing environments. For you to become a successful website developer, you need to learn the basic programming language and learn the other courses and resources for you to get the job done ten times easier.

Computer Programming Language…what?

A computer programming language is the most important mother tongue of all computers that human should know about. This kind of language is the means of communication between a computer programs and human. There are many computer programming languages available but the most popular are CSS, HTML, Python, PHP, Ruby, Visual Basic, Java and Javascript. For instance, if you want to tell the computer that you want your heading text to be Bold on your site using HTML, you may write an HTML code that looks like this;

Below, you will find the courses that are crucial to web development. There, you can learn about the variety of languages, the code etiquettes, and how to use these languages to make your site a top notch one.


JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

The Web Developer Bootcamp

Learn and Understand AngularJS

Learn to Code by Making Games – The Complete Unity Developer

iOS 9 and Swift 2: From Beginner to Paid Professional



GoBooks for FreshBooks Beta 1.1.6 Released

GoBooks for FreshBooks version 1.1.6 was pushed to beta testers today. This version features user requested improvements and a fix for an issue with timers, experienced by users on certain devices. Current GoBooks for FreshBooks beta testers may upgrade to the latest version here. Here’s what is new is version 1.1.6: Added Pay in Full

GoBooks for FreshBooks Wins Reviewers Choice Award

GoBooks for FreshBooks has been awarded a 2012 Reviewers Choice Award, earning 5 of 5 stars for an Excellent rating. You can download GoBooks for FreshBooks now on, Google Play, SlideMe or Only Android for only $9.99. About GoBooks for FreshBooks GoBooks for FreshBooks is the most powerful FreshBooks mobile app for Android.

GoBooks for FreshBooks Officially Launched

GoBooks for FreshBooks is finally here! Today we officially launched on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. As a special thank you to all of our awesome beta testers, we are offering a 20% off promotional price of $7.99 through August 10, 2012.

GoBooks for FreshBooks Beta 1.1.5 Released

GoBooks for FreshBooks version 1.1.5 was pushed to beta testers today. This version features various bug fixes and improvements including, updated prompts for sending Invoices and Estimates, improvements for entering payments from clients and more. Here’s what is new is version 1.1.5: Improved user prompts for sending and/or saving Invoices and Estimates Amount.

GoBooks for FreshBooks Beta 1.1.3 Released

GoBooks for FreshBooks version 1.1.3 was pushed to beta testers today. This version features several improvements including OAUTH authorization, support for over 150 currencies plus, other improvements and bug fixes. Here’s what is new is version 1.1.3: Added OAUTH user authentication for easier login Added support for 155 international currencies Added support for sales taxes

GoBooks for FreshBooks Beta 1.1.2 Released

GoBooks for FreshBooks version 1.1.2 was pushed to beta testers today. This version features improvements and various bug fixes submitted by users. Here’s what is new is version 1.1.2: Fixed default sorting on the Invoices page (Newest on Top) Fixed default sorting on the Estimates page (Newest on Top) Fixed issues with “Unpaid” search filter.

GoBooks for FreshBooks Beta 1.1.1 Released

GoBooks for FreshBooks version 1.1.1 was pushed to beta testers today. This version features support for items and various improvements. Here’s what is new is version 1.1.1: Added support for creating and editing Items Improved the user interface for Timers Fixed network issues and improved offline access Backend improvements for better application performance.

Official GoBooks Logo Revealed

At EOS Software Development, we really value the input from our users, clients and fans! We would like to sincerely thank everyone that helped in selection process for the “official” GoBooks for FreshBooks logo by voting for your favorite on our Facebook page and by sharing your opinions with us via Twitter.

GoBooks for FreshBooks Released to Beta Testers

Today, GoBooks for FreshBooks – the original FreshBooks app for Android, is proud to announce the beta launch of GoBooks for FreshBooks v1.0. GoBooks for FreshBooks allows FreshBooks users to manage their business from virtually anywhere using an Android device. Access all of your client information, Invoices, Estimates, Expenses, track time and so much more.